12 January 2011

"The Soul of the Soul is Conscience..." (Week Two)

WEEK TWO READING: Please complete the assigned reading as indicated on the syllabus ("Course Overview"), including the added Kreeft pages.

WEEK TWO ESSAY: Please choose and write your response to ONE of the questions listed below, then email your essay as an attachment in .doc(x) or .pdf format to Christina by WEDNESDAY morning, January 19th at 10:00am.

1. The word conscience appears 30 times in the New Testament. Please explain the meaning St. Paul intends when he speaks of conscience in three or four of the following passages:
  * Rom 2:15; 13:5
  * 1 Cor 8:12; 10:27-29
  * 2 Cor 1:12; 5:11
  * 1 Tm 1:19
  * Heb 10:22
Your response should include an explanation of how these verses relate to CCC 1786-1789.

2. After reviewing CCC 1803-1829, please choose TWO virtues - one theological, one cardinal - and read the corresponding articles written by Bishop Olmsted:

The Virtue of Faith (http://www.catholicsun.org/bishop/092007bishop.html)
The Virtue of Hope (http://www.catholicsun.org/bishop/110107bishop.html)
The Virtue of Love, Part II: Friendship (http://www.catholicsun.org/bishop/120607bishop.html)

The Virtue of Temperance (http://www.catholicsun.org/bishop/090607bishop.html)
The Virtue of Prudence (http://www.catholicsun.org/bishop/060707bishop.html)

In light of the article and relying on the Catechism, (explain) where and how do we see these virtues manifested in the life of the Blessed Mother? Then, apply these virtues to one or two common circumstances in life. How and why are these virtues important in these situations? Otherwise stated, describe two situations in life and explain how and why these virtues are necessary. Your essay should conclude with a commentary about the most compelling and/or challenging element(s) of the Bishop's article.

Please remember these GUIDELINES for ESSAYS:Each week, you will be expected to write an essay that responds to a question and demonstrates your knowledge of the material covered in class. These essays are less formal than typical academic essays in that they do not require secondary research. However, typical stylistic conventions such as grammar, spelling, and usage are still and always important! Essays should be two (2) pages in length. This means four (4) to five (5) completely developed paragraphs, cohesively organized around a solid thesis statement and supporting arguments. FORMAT: Each essay should be double-spaced, using Times New Roman font at 12pt with standard margins (1” top-bottom, 1.25” right-left). No cover page is needed, but your name and the date should appear at the top of the first page. Both form and content will be evaluated.

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