03 February 2011

Parting Thoughts

In a vague way I am traveling through your eyes to a place I have already been. However, throughout that journey we are both looking beyond the horizon. I'll imagine a hill or valley when seeking the summit, yet my descriptions of such imaginings are only guesses. Navigational beacon or not, it is a journey to be discovered. Most important is the unknown. There is no fear that causes me to cease my forward stride. In safety I depend of my Savior's strength. "Nowhere to rest!" some might say without realizing the abundant blanket the covers the night skies: Whether opaque blue and absence of starlight, or brilliant aqua with countless painted stars, illuminating Earth's shadowy graves.

Yes, here we travel, each guiding the other's path...in our respective faiths hoping to stay true to course. My journey means for me a new insight into the unknown, yet accepted, even as new claims arise from the air that separates that abundant blanket from the darkened Earth, the crust of which provides clay that fashions us.

I am not afraid nor concerned excessively about things I have no control over. My hope is to give in charity and seek His blessings in all that I do in His name. (I am not without Sin, I am aware of His grace of forgiveness, any other worry or concern is not necessary beyond His mercy).

So, in your daily reflections, know that each prayer or mediation that stands within us does have wings and fuel to make the journey beyond our guided path and on our behalf to the One who hears, sees, and judges; with His hand of mercy extended, as our salvation is in His hands, saves all who profess that Jesus is Lord.

Thadd Sanders

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