10 January 2013

Les Misérables

I'm not sure who runs the "Catholic Moral Theology" website where I found the article, but this entry on "Doing Moral Theology with Les Misérables" is a great read for anyone beginning to get familiar with terms like "virtue ethics" and "consequentialism"...

If you haven't yet seen Les Mis, it is not to be missed. See it TODAY. I'd love to talk about it in our class. Hugh Jackman's breathtaking portrayal of Jean Valjean will remain forever etched in your hearts and minds. I'm in the middle of the 1500+ page text, and I can't wait to see Tom Hooper's film for the 2nd time (tonight!) with my book club.  Read this - "Capturing the Essence of Les Mis" - as well.

UPDATE (11 Jan): Seeing it a second time has only made me want to see it yet again. Here's another great read on the film: Deacon Greg Kandra's "Six Things that Struck Me about Les Misérables"


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